Arrcus Powers Simple, Scalable, and Secure Routing-Centric Network Transformation

Delivers High-Density 100G/400G Jericho2-Based Solutions for Hyperscale Cloud, Edge, and 5G Networks, Supported by the Most Flexible Consumption Model and the Lowest TCO

San Jose, Calif., Jul 23, 2019 – Arrcus, a leading provider of software driven solutions that power network transformation for the interconnected world, announced multiple high-density 100GbE and 400GbE routing solutions for hyperscale cloud, edge, and 5G networks. With this, Arrcus delivers a simple, scalable, and secure networking solution by providing superior bandwidth, low latency, fast convergence, and high availability at the lowest cost per terabit. Complementing this, the company is also announcing the availability of ArcIQTM, an AI-driven analytics platform for delivering real-time, transformational insights and telemetry at scale for a modern network operations center (NOC) solution.

Arrcus also raised a $30M Series B financing led by Lightspeed Ventures to support rapidly-growing customer base, scale strategic partnerships, and expand the reach of its market-leading independent network operating system, ArcOS®.

“Service providers are accelerating spending in 5G with the motivation of developing new revenue streams while increasing operational efficiency, reducing latency, and improving the customer experience. Those who succeed will require fundamental routing-based network transformations that are rooted in simplicity, offer unprecedented levels of flexibility, massive scalability, and cost-effectiveness. The announcement today from Arrcus indicates the company is well-positioned to address these customers’ goals,” said Ray Mota, Managing Partner, ACG Research.

“Data center, edge, and 5G computing architectures will enable organizations to increase efficiency and offer new levels of engagement to unlock critical insights, improve customer experience, and create differentiation amongst competitors,” said Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, ESG. “The latest software solutions from Arrcus provide compelling alternatives to incumbent solutions by focusing on simplicity, security, and programmability. Arrcus continues to innovate leveraging the latest advances in merchant silicon to ensure open integration, rapid portability, and cost effectiveness, giving organizations maximum flexibility to accommodate rapidly evolving business models.”

“Security of the global routing system is important; to not be able to access information because of problems with the routing system is destructive to users and businesses,” said Christopher Morrow, Co-Chair of SIDR-Ops and GROW working groups at the IETF. “Enabling Route Origin Validation (ROV) on BGP peering routers with minimal impact on devices will help make the routing system more secure over time. The ArcOS® and ArcIQTM solutions from Arrcus enable these capabilities.”

High-bandwidth applications such as OTT video consumption, next-generation gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), and the explosion of IoT-based devices are all driving exponential traffic growth, necessitating routing-based network transformation. With this announcement, Arrcus provides a unified software solution that scales up, scales out, and powers a family of platforms for the following new use cases:

  • Deep-Buffer, high-density 100G/400G IP Clos
    • Data center Spines/Leafs
    • Edge cloud PoPs
    • 5G PoPs
  • Internet Peering
    • Deep-buffer, high-density 100G/400G internet routing
    • RPKI-based Route Origin Validation (ROV)
    • BGP Flowspec-based DDoS mitigation

The new ArcOS-based platforms, based on Broadcom’s 10Tbps, highly-flexible and programmable StrataDNX™ Jericho2 switch-router system-on-a-chip (SoC), include:

  • 24 ports of 100G + 6 ports of 400G
  • 40 ports of 100G
  • 80 ports of 100G
  • 96 ports of 100G

Additionally, the ArcOS software architecture has the foundational attributes to scale out to an open aggregated routing solution, which unlike a chassis-based solution, allows for flexible, on-demand, cost-effective bandwidth growth that operators are grappling with in their backbones.

These solutions are optimized to meet the most challenging needs of hyperscale cloud, edge, and 5G networks. Combined with ArcOS, they require no forklift upgrades for deployment, enable investment preservation, and are future-proofed while offering customers simplified operations, scalable performance, enhanced security, and disruptive economics.

“Our mission is to democratize the networking industry by providing best-in-class software, the most flexible consumption model, and the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers. We are now extending these benefits by providing leading-edge open integration solutions for routing. ArcOS® is the essential link to fully realize the unparalleled advancements in the 10Tbps Jericho2 SoC family and the resulting systems. Our existing solutions, coupled with this announcement, enable our customers to design, deploy, operationalize, and manage their infrastructure across multiple domains in the network” said Devesh Garg, co-founder and CEO, Arrcus.

Key features enabled on these Jericho2-based platforms include:

  • Faster network speeds – up to 10 Tbps switching capacity, which delivers 5X the performance compared to previous generation of Jericho+
  • 4X increase in port density per chip compared to previous generation of Jericho+
  • Higher route table scale – up to 2.6M IPv4 routes (1.3M IPv6) on chip
  • Higher ACL scale of 96K with full IPv6 egress ACL support
  • Line-rate flow monitoring with sFlow® that enables real-time flow visibility at scale
  • Support for IPv4/IPv6/MPLS/Segment Routing forwarding
  • Open standards-based BGP Flowspec
  • Efficient, carrier-grade traffic management with scalable packet buffer memory
  • Visibility into HW resource utilization (ACLs, routes, etc.) to assist with traffic distribution
  • Selectable scale profiles with an ability to switch between profiles without a full system reboot
  • Comprehensive ArcOS feature support with in-built automation and real-time visibility

“Broadcom’s Jericho2 product family is driving network transformation, while substantially accelerating customer innovation cycles and we are pleased to see Arrcus support this programmable switch-router SoC. Coupled with ArcOS®, this combined product offering provides comprehensive, scalable routing solutions for the broader networking market,” said Ram Velaga, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Switch Products, Broadcom.

ArcIQ is an AI-driven analytics platform that provides enhanced real time visibility, control, and security. Designed to be a centralized analytics platform for the modern NOC, it is open, standards-based, easy to integrate with third-party monitoring systems, and deployable either on-premise or in the cloud. As network devices stream state-based information from the control and data planes, as well as environmental information, ArcIQ detects anomalies, provides visualization for corrective actions, and maximizes network uptime. It continuously learns, automates, and secures to radically simplify network operations and defend against the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

Today’s announcements further strengthen Arrcus’s commitment to provide best-in-class solutions for its customers across physical, virtual, and cloud network environments while delivering deployment flexibility, superior performance, and security.


The 24x100G + 6x400G, 40x100G, 80x100G and 96x100G platforms will be generally available in Q3’19. ArcIQ, the Arrcus analytics solution, is available for customer evaluation immediately with general availability planned for Q4’19.

Supporting Quotes

ODM Partners

Steven Dorwart, Segment Vice President, Connectivity & Cloud Solutions, Celestica:
“We are excited to partner with Arrcus as their innovation and execution deliver leading-edge, carrier-grade, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to the market. Together with our high-density 100GbE routing hardware platforms, ArcOS® delivers the scale, performance, and flexibility required to address the multi-domain network requirements of our customers.” 

Jeff Chen, General Manager, DNI, Delta Electronics Inc.:

“Together with Arrcus, we are addressing the most-demanding, data-intensive requirements for modern-day networks. Our carrier-grade routing platform based on Broadcom’s programmable 10Tpbs Jericho2 silicon is ready for ArcOS® to drive the widescale adoption of open network-based solutions, delivering the much-needed performance, visibility, and control.”

George Tchaparian, CEO, Edgecore Networks:

“To remain relevant and competitive, network operators need ultra-versatile, high-bandwidth networking solutions that are easy to deploy while providing sustainable operational advantages. The support of ArcOS® on our industry-leading Jericho2-based switch-router platforms is a world’s first and enables our customers to maximize agility and scale in a very cost-effective manner. We look forward to extending our strong strategic partnership with Arrcus as they enable the open integration of routing for the future.”

Mike Yang, Senior Vice-President, Quanta Computer Inc. and President, Quanta Cloud Technology

“Immersive, data-rich applications require a major leap in bandwidth; so, our customers are looking for highly-scalable solutions to meet that explosive growth. Combined with the latest ArcOS® solutions, our Jericho2-based high-density 100GbE routing platforms deliver superior performance and new levels of flexibility at the right cost structure. We are delighted to be partnering with Arrcus as they drive disruptive capabilities into the networking industry.”

Ecosystem Partners

Mark Pierpoint, Senior Vice President, President, Ixia Solutions Group, Keysight Technologies:

“As the 400GE ecosystem begins to mature, the test requirements of our customers are moving from simple throughput and performance tests to more complex multi-protocol tests around routing performance and scale. As a result, it is the ideal time for Arrcus and Ixia to join forces and bring mature 400GE solutions to the market with Ixia’s AresOne 400GE system and Arrcus’s high-density 100G/400G routing offering.”

Andrew Coward, CEO, Lumina Networks:

Many network vendors attempt to push their customers into closed, divergent management and control approaches. The Lumina controller integrated with ArcOS® is based on the standard OpenConfig interface with NETCONF support, delivering unprecedented openness, simplicity, and convergence for network management. We are excited to partner with Arrcus on this important solution.”

Interconnect Solution Partners

Brent Peterman, Global Marketing Director, Amphenol ICC:

“Amphenol ICC is proud to support Arrcus’s efforts to continue to push the envelope on high-performance networks. As a leading provider of high-speed interconnect solutions, we are pleased to work with Arrcus to accelerate the deployment of 400G-enabled networks and make the next step in data center networking a reality.”

Bill Brennan, CEO, Credo:

“As network speeds on switch platforms pull ahead of servers and optics availability, customers face interconnect barriers to adopting the latest switch technology. As a leader in high-performance connectivity solutions, we are excited to be working closely with Arrcus to support the rapid growth in network bandwidth and bridge this barrier. Our unique AEC (Active Ethernet Cable) solutions combined with ArcOS® enable the immediate adoption of the highest-end switching and routing platforms without having to wait on 400G optics.”

Osa Mok, Chief Marketing Officer, Innolight:

“Arrcus, with its industry-leading ArcOS®, has positioned itself to address the growing demands for higher bandwidth by hyperscale data centers as they build out high-capacity network fabrics. Innolight, a leading supplier of 100G/400G optical transceivers, is delighted to partner with Arrcus in enabling high-speed data center connectivity with superior cost and high-performance optics solutions.”

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About Arrcus

Arrcus was founded to enrich human experiences by interconnecting people, machines, and data. Our mission is to provide software-powered network transformation for the interconnected world. The Arrcus team consists of world-class technologists who have an unparalleled record in shipping industry-leading networking products, complemented by industry thought leaders, operating executives, and strategic company builders.

The company is headquartered in San Jose, California.

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