Discover the Power of Arrcus Connected Edge

Power of One. One simple network. One scalable architecture. One seamless experience connecting billions. Anytime, anywhere.

Arrcus Connected Edge

Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE™)

Learn more about the core capabilities of our platform that makes it flexible and scalable to accelerate the convergence of networking and compute transformation.

Hyperscale performance. Network freedom.

Free yourself from dependence on rigid and bloated legacy OEM vendors so your network can thrive. Only Arrcus delivers the Power of One through the open integration of best-in-class software, hardware, and silicon.

One simple network

Easy-to-operate software spanning your infrastructure, from routers to switches to servers.

One scalable architecture

Engineered for the distributed 5G wave, from the data center to the edge to the multi-cloud.

One seamless experience

Connecting billions around the world, leveraging 5G to multi-cloud and beyond.

Two minutes that will change everything.

Changing your network starts with understanding what's possible.
Take a look at our videos and see for yourself.

Discover the economies of hyperscale.

Network traffic is exploding. The pressure to control costs is unrelenting. You're caught between a rock and a hard place. We can help. Arrcus delivers the world's best performance at massive scale - for less.

Pay only for what you need

Feel like you’re paying a tax for doing business with legacy OEM vendors? With a flexible consumption model, you pay for what you need. Nothing more.

Reduce your TCO

This is not a rip and replace. Run Arrcus on your existing infrastructure, deploy from anywhere, and reduce operating expenses with faster onboarding and more reliability.


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