Build Next-Generation Distributed Data Centers for 5G and AI

Arrcus provides a unified fabric across the entire network footprint, from Datacenter to Edge to Multi-cloud with massive scalability and flexibility.


Arrcus to demonstrate secure 5G networking on NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs

Arrcus’ Network Operating System running on Bluefield data processing units, delivers high performance secure 5G networks


Arrcus to demonstrate secure 5G networking on NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs

Arrcus’ Network Operating System running on Bluefield data processing units, delivers high performance secure 5G networks


Arrcus Enables SoftBank Corp. to Commence Field Trials of 5G MEC

SRv6 Mobile User Plane technology simplifies the deployment of network slicing for fixed wireless and MEC infrastructure


Shekar Ayyar speaks with Fierce Wireless about Arrcus' latest ground-breaking innovations.

Learn how Arrcus is setting new standards for innovation, all while keeping our focus on a unified, hardware-agnostic platform.


Sean Kinney from RCR Wireless speaks with Shekar Ayyar during MWC 2024

The intelligent data fabric will broaden the telco value proposition enabling the realization of AI's full capabilities.


Shekar Ayyar speaks about the Disruption at the Edge on the Appledore Research Podcast

A revolutionary technology designed to streamline and optimize cloud connectivity costs, potentially leading to savings of up to 40%.


Discover the Power of Smart Distributed Networking™ (SDN 3.0™) with Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE™)

Power of One. One simple network. One scalable architecture. One seamless experience connecting billions. Anytime, anywhere.


ACE™ for Datacenter Networking Fabric

New 5G services enabler

ACE™ for 5G Transport Networks


ACE™ for Multicloud Networking


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Arrcus featured in Forbes article: What AI Means For Networking Infrastructure In 2024


Arrcus featured in Futuriom's 2024 Trend Preview: AI Infrastructure Startups


Arrcus™ Featured in The New Middle Mile 2023 Report


Next gen network infrastructure

Arrcus™ has taken a revolutionary approach to architect and deliver an independent, Linux-based 64-bit network operating system, ArcOS™, that powers the next generation of network infrastructure.

Learn More about ArcOS™

Meet the needs of modern, large-scale networks

ArcRR™ is a purpose-built, high-performance, scale-out route reflector. Based on ArcOS™, the resilient, fully programmable, microservices-based network operating system, ArcRR™ eliminates the full-mesh requirement and allows for building BGP networks that scale easily.

Learn More about ArcRR™

A deep-visibility analytics platform

ArcIQ™ is a modern network visibility and analytics platform that provides networking professionals with real-time, deep views of the networks and devices with actionable insights for proactive incident management and faster troubleshooting.

Learn More about ArcIQ™

Hyperscale performance. Network freedom.

Free yourself from dependence on rigid and bloated legacy OEM vendors so your network can thrive. Only Arrcus delivers the Power of One through the open integration of best-in-class software, hardware, and silicon.

One simple network

Easy-to-operate software spanning your infrastructure, from routers to switches to servers.

One scalable architecture

Engineered for the distributed 5G wave, from the data center to the edge to the multi-cloud.

One seamless experience

Connecting billions around the world, leveraging 5G to multi-cloud and beyond.

Customers and Partners benefiting from Arrcus™ solutions


Arrcus is blazing the trail with unprecedented innovation for the enterprise edge and 5G networks. We are excited to be a strategic investor of Arrcus in this rapid communication industry transformation.

Raymond Liao | Managing Director, SamsungNext


We are excited by its massive potential to significantly impact the communications infrastructure industry and are pleased to add Arrcus to our strategic portfolio of innovative companies.

Keiichi Makizono | CIO, SoftBank Corp.


[Arrcus Connected Edge] has a promising role to play in the evolution of our gigabit fixed networks and 5G mobile networks, enabling next generation edge computing services for our customers.

Adrian Drury, MD | Technology Strategy, Liberty Global


Arrcus is leading the transformation of the industry with its innovative virtualized distributed router...

Dorian Kim | VP of IP Engineering for the Global IP Network at NTT Ltd.


...we are working on a self-defined networking concept that does not require any configuration...It is exciting to see Arrcus introduce this capability in ArcOS

Shawn Zandi | Director of Network Engineering, LinkedIn


We leverage Arrcus’ ACE virtual routers in the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange® to help enable our customers to quickly expand market reach and gain a competitive edge while lowering TCO.

Chris Malatyer | Vice President of Network and Interconnection, CoreSite

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